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Mycoplasma bovis Infections: Occurrence, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Control, Including Prevention and Therapy

A special issue of Pathogens

Dear Colleagues,

Mycoplasma bovis is known as an etiological agent for many disorders in cattle, among which the most important are bronchopneumonia, mastitis, and arthritis. M. bovis infections are a serious economic and cattle health and welfare problem worldwide. M. bovis affects different age groups of cattle, and it can persist in a herd for very long period of time. Moreover, in vitro studies on M. bovis field isolates show increasing trends in antimicrobial resistance. Currently, no commercial vaccines against M. bovis are available in Europe, and only some autogenous vaccines are used in parts of Europe and the United States. The Special Issue will cover all aspects of M. bovis infections, such as pathogenesis, diagnosis and control, including therapy and prevention. The Special Issue will consist of reviews, as well as original manuscripts.  

Dr. Katarzyna Dudek
Dr. Ewelina Szacawa
Guest Editors