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EU project H2020

The European research project SAPHIR aims to develop innovative, safe, affordable and effective vaccine strategies effective against endemic pathogens responsible for high economic losses in livestock.

The MycoSynVac project aims at using cutting-edge synthetic biology methodologies to engineer Mycoplasma pneumoniae as a universal chassis for vaccination.

Outstanding projects

  • Minicell project – The goal of the Minicell project is to construct a bacterial drug delivery system. Toward this goal, this project will develop improved computational and chemical tools for reliably designing, synthesizing, and executing genomes, and use these tools to construct a predictable, efficient cellular chassis for future engineering such as drug delivery.


  • MolliGen is a database dedicated to the comparative genomics of bacteria belonging to the class Mollicutes.
  • NCBI Genomes. Mycoplama genome sequences available at NCBI.
  • MyMpn is a database of Mycoplasma pneumoniae experimental datasets. MyMpn includes gene expression, gene essentiality, protein abundance, protein complexes composition, metabolic flux, growth, and 3D tomography data.
  • MycoWiki is database of experimental knowledge about individual genes and proteins in M. pneumoniae. MycoWiki contains much of the same data contained in MyMpn, but provides a simpler user interface to browse and search the data.
  • iMyco. The metabolic map of Mycoplasma.

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