Logo eMyNet
Photo by Patrice Gaurivaud

Mission & Objectives

The European Mycoplasma Research Network (eMyNet) was formally created to regroup the European academic laboratories working in the field of mycoplasmology. Mycoplasmas (members of the taxonomic class Mollicutes) are particular bacteria that colonize various ecosystems. Over 200 species have been so far described, many of which are important pathogens of man and a broad range of animals, plants and insects. The ambition of the eMyNet network is (i) to promote mycoplasmology in the scientific community, (ii) to provide early-career scientists with opportunities to communicate on their research and to foster education and training of young students, (iii) to discuss the latest development in the field of mycoplasmas, and (iv) to stimulate collaborative research within Europe. This will be achieved by concerted actions with the International Organization for Mycoplasmology (IOM), the Study Group for Mycoplasma Infections (ESGMI) at ESCMID and the International Research Programme in Comparative Mycoplasmology (IRPCM, chaired by C. Citti), a permanent standing subcommittee of the IOM, which objective is to advance and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of mycoplasmas, and encourage individual and collaborative studies, including the effective exchange of scientific information and scientists.

Coordinator: Eric Baranowski, Toulouse, France