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Mycoplasma Reference Diagnosis Laboratory

Pendik Veterinary Control and Research Institute (PVCRI)

Founded in 1965 as Mycoplasma Laboratory within Sheep Diseases Laboratories of FAO, Mycoplasma Reference Diagnostic Laboratory is responsible of making isolation, identification, molecular and serological diagnosis of Mycoplasma agents by using international methods that creates infection on animals in our country especially sheep, goats, cattle and poultry.

Any Mycoplasma infection suspected samples are sent to our laboratories from all over the country and to us from 12 provinces, which are in the area of our responsibility. The laboratory identifies isolated Mycoplasma spp. and verifies suspicious or positive blood serums sent by other institutes and produce hyperimmune serum and antigens essential for disease diagnosis.

Mycoplasma Reference Diagnostic Laboratory is accredited by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) since the year 2012 according to Standard TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and has passed re-accreditation audit in the year 2017.

  • Bacteriological analyses: Classical isolation and identification,
  • Serological analyses: Latex Agglutination Test , Rapid serum agglutination (RSA) test, iELISA, cELISA , Haemagglutination inhibition (HI) test, CFT, Western Blotting,
  • Molecular biological techniques: PCR, Real-time PCR

Mycoplasma Vaccines Production Laboratory

Mycoplasma Vaccines Production Laboratory, primarily established as “Contagious Caprine Pleuro pneumoniae Laboratory” in order to research the etiology and prophylaxis of Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumoniae, has started to produce the first Contagious Mycoplasma mycoides capri vaccine in 1946. The Laboratory, united with the Mycoplasmosis Laboratory In 1985 which was established in the body of Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) in 1965, currently produces a live/attenuated vaccine, “Capripen” against Mycoplasma mycoides capri, a live/attenuated vaccine, “Agalaksipen live” and an inactive vaccine, “Agalaksipen inaktif” against Contagious Agalactiae, Mycoplasma gallisepticum plate test antigen used for the serological diagnosis of Chronic respiratory diseases of poultry caused by Mycoplasmas and Mycoplasma synoviae plate test antigen used for the serological diagnosis of Infectious synovitis. The laboratory continues its activities as Mycoplasma Vaccines Production Laboratory, since 2006.

  • Mycoplasma mycoides capri Vaccine, CAPRIPEN,
  • Live contagious agalactia Vaccine, AGALAKSIPEN,
  • Inactive Contagious agalactia Vaccine, AGALAKSIPEN Inactive
  • Mycoplasma gallisepticum PlateTest Antigen
  • Mycoplasma synoviae PlateTest Antigen
  • Mycoplasma Hyperimmune Serum
  • Mycoplasma gallisepticum HI Test Antigen

photo of the Umit Ozdemir's lab members

Group leader

Umit Ozdemir DVM PhD

Lab members

Sefika Hande Erpek DVM PhD student

Muhammed Karahan DVM PhD student

Muhittin Serbetçi Technician

Necdet Budak worker

Past member

Jale Turkaslan DVM PhD

Mehmet Ali Turkyilmaz DVM PhD


Umit Ozdemir (uozdemir@outlook.com)


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