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Main scientific areas

Our team has developed a long-term expertise in diagnosis and epidemiology of mycoplasmoses in ruminants. We regularly contribute to develop or validate new diagnosis methods/kits.

We coordinate a network of 40 diagnosis laboratories (Vigimyc), for which we routinely perform identification of Mycoplasma species or subspecies from clinical samples. This allows us to i) survey the epidemiological trends or emergence of mycoplasmoses and ii) maintain a large collection of isolates with documented history that are useful for our research programs.

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We have recently developed an expertise in determining antimicrobial resistance profiles of clinically relevant mycoplasma species and have mapped a number of mutations responsible for it.

Our works on isolates diversity and virulence include:

  • Contribution in description of mycoplasmas mobilome
  • Contribution in description of new species

Description of the role of exopolysaccharides and capsular polysaccharides submitted to phase variation in the host interaction

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Group Leader

Florence Tardy

Permanent staff members

Chloé Ambroset

Marie-Anne Arcangioli

Claire Becker

Adélie Colin

Patrice Gaurivaud

Maryne Jaÿ

Véronique Lefriand

Dominique Le Grand

Catherine Mottet

Agnès Tricot

PhD students, post docs and contract staff

Marion Faucher

Sarah Ganter


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